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An American Story

American Watch is an integrated watch manufacturer specializing in fine watches, fashion watches, smartwatches, and the private label watch business. From creative development to manufacturing and merchandising strategies for watch brands, we provide the knowledge, experience, resources, and capabilities that are necessary for success.

We are not your typical watch industry supplier/manufacturer. We are an experienced group of individuals who enjoy solving the challenges brands & retailers face in the ever-changing and niche competitive Watch Industry. Best of all, we love what we do and we're proud of our work.

Watches Our Passion

With roots that began as immigrants, we understand hard work, tradition, as we learned this industry from the ground-up working with some of the notable brand names in the business. We are one of the first disruptors who pioneered online direct to consumer branding. We understand where the watch market has been and where it is going. Our knowledge in Horology has given us an unparalleled view of the watch industry.

For over 30 years we’ve been passionately making corporate logo and branded adventure watches in our own 15,000 square foot, free-standing building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Every piece is designed with the vision of our customers in mind. Most models are hand-crafted in-house. With a vast network of factories and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally, (including our own satellite office in China) American Watch Co. can exceed expectations in quality and quantity. Whether Swiss-made, Japanese or American; automatic or quartz; price-centric, quality-centric, American Watch has the know-how to make your project happen.

Since 1988

Los Angeles is our home. American Watch has been offering practical information for those who desire to produce and distribute their own private label watch line. The principles at American Watch have a combined 65 years of luxury watch manufacturing and clearly understand the art of watchmaking. Even though our watches are produced all over the world American Watch remains cultured in the values of traditional watchmaking.

At American Watch, our expertise & exceptional services help you achieve profitable sales through our best practice manufacturing, marketing, EDI and efficient business processes. From the creative to production, we develop brand strategies specifically tailored to your organization.

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